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Ultiorganizer is scoring system for Ultimate tournaments. Scorekeeping can be done on live or after match. In addition of game results Ultiorganizer provides pool status, schedules, team and player statistics.

Browsing game data

  • Game schedule - Tournament schedule
    • Game History - If teams have played against each others earlier then this link is shown.
    • iCalendar - On bottom of page located iCalendar-link allows you import game schedules into other services like Google Calendar.
    • Printing - You can print schedules in PDF from links on top or print what you see from link on bottom of page.
  • Played games - All played games in tournament
    • Game play - When scoresheet has been inserted into system you can see this link on next of game.
    • Printing - You can print results in PDF.
  • Teams - Teams playing in tournament
    • Seedings - You can list teams by division, pool, seedings or final standing.
    • Team card - By clicking team name you can see team card.
    • Club card - For club teams you can find out club card as well.
    • Player card - By clicking player name you can see player card with statistics and other information given by the player.
    • Roster - You can see team roster with player statistics.
    • Scoreboard - You can find you team's internal scoreboard.
    • Games - Lists past and coming matches in the tournament.
  • Tournamenet format - Divisions and pools
    • Event - By clicking event name you see final standings.
    • Division - By clicking division name you see overall stats and scoreboard.
    • Pool - By clicking pool name you see pool's stats and scoreboard.
  • Old Eventst - Statistics from previous tournaments
    • Tournaments - By clicking old envents header you can find all tournaments.
    • Players - All player cards.
    • Teams - All team cards.
    • Clubs - All club cards.
    • Countries - All country cards.
    • Statistics - Hall of Fame.
  • Ultiorganizer links - Linking tournament data to other sites.
    • RSS - Feed from all results.
    • Twitter - All results are tweeted.
    • Frames - Examples how to embed results on your page.
  • Data export - Export results into files.
  • Mobile Administration - simpler interface to update game results from mobile phone.